Simply Katharine

„Berlins Chanson-Königin“
BZ, 8. Okt. 2021

„Der Jubel brach schon vor der ersten gesungenen Note aus.

Ein Programm mit sehr persönlichen Songs.

Spanisch, Französisch, Englisch und Deutsch. Egal welche Sprache es ist, Katharine Mehrling haucht jedem Lied Leben ein, verwandelt den Abend so in ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.

Was für ein Glück, dass La Mehrling wieder live zu sehen ist.“  
Berliner Morgenpost, 7. Okt. 2021

Cool, revolutionär, leidenschaftlich, mitreißend und brillant.
Wolfenbütteler Zeitung, 4. Okt. 2021

Foto: Brigitte Dummer

Lonely House
Katharine Mehrling & Barrie Kosky

Am 2. & 14. Feb 2022
Komische Oper Berlin

Ball im Savoy
Katharine Mehrling als Daisy Darlington

Neue Termine ab 11. Feb 2022
Komische Oper Berlin


Die 7 Todsünden - 25. Feb 2022
Festival-Café - 12. März 2022 - 15:00 Uhr
speaklow - 12. März 2022 - 20:00 Uhr
Grosse Freiheit - 13. März 2022 - 17:00 Uhr

Barrie Kosky’s All-Singing, All-Dancing
Yiddish Revue

Premiere 10. Jun 2022
Komische Oper Berlin

„To hear and see Mehrling perform a song such as I’m a Stranger Here Myself (from One Touch of Venus, the 1943 Broadway musical Weill wrote with poet and lyricist Ogden Nash), is to experience the oyster of American musical theatre being infused with the grit of European cabaret. Mehrling, who is as gloriously expressive when singing in French as in English, is the very picture of theatrical elegance in a lovely, black velvet dress. However, as Weill’s music demands, her performance has an erotic, sometimes discomfiting edge as she kicks off her shoes and climbs onto the grand piano. Her singing of such well-known numbers as September Song and Speak Low is more than just testament to the beauty and range of her voice. They are filled with a yearning and regret that express, not only the fragility of life and love, but also, as Kosky comments, “the destruction of the European soul” in the Nazi Holocaust.“

MARC BROWN, The Telegraph, 21. August 2021

Lonely House review – noir-shaded selection of Kurt Weill’s hits from exile
Old College Quad, Edinburgh
Katharine Mehrling delivers the German master’s songs in ravishing style, accompanied with restraint by pianist Barrie Kosky.
Sitting atop the grand piano, Katharine Mehrling is picked out in a single spotlight, her blond hair and velvet dress emphasising the contrast between light and shade. It could be the closing image of a black-and-white movie.
Mehrling’s tones are warm and assured, her range comfortably embracing everything from cabaret chanteuse on Le Grand Lustucru to sharp-talking propagandist on the fidgety Schickelgruber, an anti-Hitler polemic.
On the tongue-twisting Tchaikovsky, she switches the words to rhyme with “Barrie Kosky”. His settings are typically spare and restrained, giving the singer all the room she needs for a plangent and seductive show.

The Guardian, 22. August 2021

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Text: Katharine Mehrling
Musik: Paul Hankinson & Katharine Mehrling
Traumton Records
Photo by Yan Revazov

Mit Jannik Schümann, Tilmar Kuhn,
Dagmar Biener, Paul Hankinson, Uli Scherbel, Dennis Hupka, Kiara Brunken, Siggy Davis
Regie: Katharine Mehrling
Produktion: Titus Hoffmann